Audiobook Review - Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 4 Comments A+ a-

First... happy Audiobook Week! Yes, it really does exist! How else could I get that cool official button?! Those who follow my blog know that I LOVE my audiobooks! After all, what better way is there to pass a through a commute to work than by listening to a good book?

So, today, I'm giving my review for Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. I'd never heard of the book before - I'd only seen the previews for the movie - which looked amazing. When I saw it listed on another website for being a great audiobook (yes - I search A LOT of sites looking for great audiobooks) - I just knew I HAD to get it. First, props to narrator Tom Stechschulte for doing an amazing job. He really gives each character feeling - and I was able to paint an amazing portrait in my mind of the entire book.

So... here's the story...
Two US marshals, Teddy Daniels and Check Aule go to investigate a missing person report on Shutter Island - a combo mental health ward/jail. After investigating the scene... all signs point toward it being an inside job. Soon, both marshals are ready to head off the island, when a hurricane hits, causing an extra dose of chaos in an already unstable situation...

And, toward the end - I could see what was coming... well, what I THOUGHT was coming! The author totally took a left turn, leaving me absolutely speechless!
The bottom line - should you listen to this audiobook? Of course! It genius!

Have you already read/listened to Shutter Island? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!  

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