A Great Morning At The Little Gym!

Saturday, July 03, 2010 8 Comments A+ a-

Today, Ken Phoenix and I went to an intro class at The Little Gym, so we could try out the class, and see if wanted to sign Phoenix up for their summer session. Since Phoenix isn't in daycare any more, we (err, I) wanted to get him involved in something with other kids around... and this seemed like just the thing I was looking for. He's in a class for 19 months-3 years old - called the Big Beasts. It took Phoenix a little time to warm up to the atmosphere, but soon, he was LOVING it! He was playing with everything - running over, around and through everything! There were parallel bars, balance beams, rings, and LOTS of other stuff. Basically, the teach a skill, tell parents how to help their child on certain equipment, and just let the kids play around. It was really great to watch Phoenix explore his new environment and interact with other kids. In fact, he liked it SO much that we signed him up for the summer session :) I'm already looking forward to next Saturday!

Does your family do something like The Little Gym? I'd love to hear about it - leave a comment!
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