One and Done: The Only Child Myth

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Yesterday, as Ken was bringing in the mail, he said that he wanted me to read the story from the cover of Time magazine. Ken despises reading, but was obviously intrigued with the cover "The Only Child Myth: They're supposed to be selfish, spoiled and lonely. In fact, they're just fine-and on the rise."

I just finished the article, and figured I'd post a synopsis. In a nutshell - the "only child myth" was based on a study done by a psychologist 120 years ago. Later studies proved his findings to be false, but these findings never made it into mainstream thought. TV shows perpetuated this myth, and hence, everybody believes that only children are unsocialable, spoiled brats. The truth is - they're not. In fact, the very things that make people think they 're spoiled have allowed them to excel. With just one child, there's no "dilution of resources" between siblings. Parents devote all of their attention to their one child, and that attention leads to higher SAT scores, higher self-esteem. Only children tend to do better in school, and get more education - in terms of college, medical, and law degrees.

Does this mean your children are doomed if they have siblings? Of course not. Some days, I'd love to have another child... but some days I don't. If and when the time comes where my husband and I both feel strongly about having a second child - then we will. But, for now, this article gives hope to the millions of parents, like me, who feel like things are perfect with just one child, and that it's ok to have just one.

You can read the entire article from Time magazine here:,8599,2002382,00.html

Are you considering having a second child? What are your thoughts on the article? Leave a comment!
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