Book Review: The Log Family

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Click the photo above to check out
an up-close view of the cover. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bring It On Communications to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

The Log Family
Written by Trent Lenderink & Tammy Trent
Illustrated by John Jordan

This very well may be the best book about potty training ever! The Log Family is a beautifully-illustrated book that gives you an insanely fun way to teach your toddler all about the "Log Family". (*wink*wink*) Your child will learn all about how to tell when the Log Family is coming to visit, the special pool they like to go swimming at, the waterside ride they take to their own private beach... and even how many "towels" your child should send each Log Family member to the beach with!

Click the photo above to check it out the beautiful illustrations up-close. 
The book is very well written, and my 2-year old son Phoenix loves it. (And... perhaps by coincidence... did go to the potty - standing up - the same day I first read it to him!) But, in addition to the book being great for kids... it great for adults too! When The Log Family arrived in the mail, I couldn't stop laughing. "Ken, if I were to write a book on potty training, this would be it!" I proudly told my hubby.

I adore the imaginative sense of humor that jumps off of every page. And, I'm not the only one loving it. I find myself taking it with my in my purse just so I can show people what a cool book it is. My co-workers found it to be hilarious! My in-laws were doubling over in laughter! It, seriously is that good and that funny! I highly recommend this book to anyone working on potty training. You can purchase it for just $11.99 at And, even if you don't have kids this age... you should still buy it.  It'd make a great gift for a little one in the 1-3 age range. But, be prepared that when you read it first... you just might want to keep it!      

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