The Meatless Monday & Weekday Vegetarian Phenominan

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I'm always fascinated when articles about being vegetarian are in magazines, on television, in movies, etc. I still like to think of being a vegetarian as my own little secret weapon to staying healthy. A secret I don't mind sharing... but a secret most people are too scared to use. But, as it turns out, quite a few people have been giving the whole vegetarian thing a try!

A few years ago, I sat down to enjoy my lunch, reading Time magazine, and, to my surprise, I found an article completely devoted to high-class chefs making more veggie-centric dishes! The meals aren't all vegetarian, but, veggie-oriented. Veggies as the main dish, meat as a small side, or perhaps not at all.

The general consesus among these top chefs is that meat is meat. Steak is steak, and, while delicious, it gets boring. Boring! Can you believe that?! Wolfgang Puck said that his appetizers, often meatless, were the stars of the show at his steakhouses Cut (in LA & Vegas).

I also stumbled across the "Weekday Vegetarian" phenominan after my last post about being vegetarian. Check out the video from the TED speech:

So, inspired by the Time magazine article "Where's The Beet?" and the "Weekday Vegetarian" phenomenon created by TreeHugger's Graham Hill, I've decided to start incorporating Meatless Monday posts on my blog. Basically, I'm post whatever delicious dish we're having, along with the recipe, so you can enjoy it too! Oh, and I'm not a fan of spending a whole lot of time cooking, so I'll make sure my meals are quick and easy too! Stay tuned on Monday to check out my first official Meatless Monday Recipe.

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