Still Loving My Loreal Paris Feria Deep Copper #74 Hair Color!

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loreal 74
It has been a while since I dyed my hair with Feria's Deep Copper #74 - and wanted to go back to it. Of all the colors I've ever dyed my hair, this one has got to be mt favorite! I LOVE my somewhat pale skin & bright blue eyes, and this color compliments both very nicely.

Overall, I'm happy with the results. I'm in a dark room, so the color isn't as bright as it would be if it were outside... but overall, what you see in the pic is what you get.

My hair was originally medium-dark brown - as seen in the blog header photo of me holding the flower.

If you're thinking of trying this color, I say... go for it! And... because you'll be in different lighting throughout the day... here's a little video snippet to give you a more accurate idea of what this color looks like... both in bright daytime light and indoors. And... yes, I look a stupid, I know. :)

Feria Copper Shimmer Tips: 

  1. The more often you use the shade, the lighter/brighter your shade becomes. This was my first time using it in a while, so my shade is a bit darker than the box. 
  2. Until at least 2-3 washes, the dye might come off on your pillow at night, so use an old pillow case after your first dye your hair this color - just in case. (You know it's safe when you don't see the color running off in the shower.)
  3. This shade fades quickly... within 1 month usually. To keep it looking vibrant longer, skip a day (or two... or three...) between washes. Start by skipping 1 day, and gradually build up to skipping 3. Your hair will style much easier when it's "dirty". And, it will also stay healthier, because you won't be blow-drying it and flat-ironing it every day. To keep your scalp from looking greasy, swirl a blush brush in some cornstarch, and lightly dab along your roots where the oily areas are. (You can find a million articles about people not using traditional shampoo by doing a Google search for "no poo".) 
Also, check out my original post on Feria
Power Copper ...... and more pics of the shade after I had been using it consistently for about 3 months :) And, if you're having trouble finding Feria Power Copper #74, just use the link below to order from Amazon. :)

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