Direct Enegry & NOPEC Gas Scam!

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Yesterday I came home from work to find my hubby signing some papers to change our gas provider to Direct Energy. They promised to save us money... so why not? Well, here's why not.

Immediately after they left, my husband said, "Well, that seemed like a scam." So, I did the first thing that came to my head - I called out gas provider - Columbia Gas of Ohio to see what the heck it was all about. 

Here's what they explained to me. Basically, there are "bad" gas suppliers out there that get you to agree to use their service instead of your regular gas provider. And, the proof is in the prices:

  • Direct Energy - the ones who was just here yesterday = $0.7699 per CCF
  • NOPEC (Dominion Retail) - who I didn't even realize we were with, but we are = $0.745 per CCF
  • Columbia Gas - the name that's always on our bill, but technically, as I've seen, not necessarily the gas provider = $0.624 per CCF
Ouch! So, here's what Columbia Gas advised me to do to get the lowest rate:
  1. Cancel Direct Energy ASAP! (There's a short window to cancel once you've signed up.) Just call here: 1-888-566-9988. . 
  2. Cancel NOPEC (If you're on it) - Just call here: 1-866-278-8048
  3. That's it! You'll go back to the scam-free rates of your actual gas provider! For us, that's Columbia Gas Of Ohio. 
Just click on the photo above to see EXACTLY where you can find out
what you're currently being charged, and if switching is better...
or, like in my case... worse.

I hate the feeling of being taken advantage of, and if I can help just one person avoid this Direct Energy or NOPEC gas company scam in the future, it would be worth it!

  • Our gas bill this past month would have been around $11 cheaper if we were just with Columbia Gas.
  • It would have been around $3 MORE if we were with Direct Energy
You can check out Columbia Gas of Ohio Apples to Apples Chart for reference. And, just remember to check the facts before signing up with Direct Energy, NOPEC, or any new gas provider. Just because a postcard, flier, or salesperson tells you that your gas will be cheaper with them doesn't mean it will! They're just salespeople trying to get a sale, and will do whatever they can to convince you to go with them. If they truly are cheaper, then go for it.... but check the CCF they're offering vs the CCF you're currently paying first!

Have you ever been scammed by a gas or utility company? Let other people learn from your experience & leave a comment.

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