From Graphic Designer To Stay-At-Home Mother

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There once was a girl who dreamed of being a graphic designer. She had big, and very specific dreams.

  1. She wanted a job working in downtown Cleveland.
  2. She also wanted to do a very specific, project... design a billboard - but not just any billboard. She wanted to her design to be on the HUGE billboard on the I-71/90  on the way in to Cleveland. 
So, she went to the best school around, and completed a rigorous program to get her degree. After graduation, she spent months looking for a good job. And, after turning down a few offers, she finally got a job. In downtown Cleveland - just like she had wanted.

After a while of working there, she realized that, aside from the small projects she was doing, the company also owned a few billboards. But, not just any billboards. They owned the HUGE billboards she dreamed of having her designs on. Coincidence or not, things were starting to really fall in place for her.

Time came and went, and she designed as she was told. And then, she was given the opportunity to design something for the billboard she had always dreamed about! She was beyond thrilled, and told everyone she knew. There it was - a dream come true. Her design... 93 feet wide & 33 feet high... on display for the entire city of Cleveland to see. And, there was only one word to describe how she felt - empty.

Her biggest dreams had materialized before her very eyes, yet she felt empty inside. Was this really what she had wanted accomplish? It seemed so trivial. So un-important. It was just a stupid sign. She knew there had to be something more to her life than this, and after a while she figured it out.

She had to focus on what her priorities were. Sure, 15 years ago, she wanted to be a successful designer, but her heart just wasn't in it any more. She was married, and had the most amazing son in the world. But, being a graphic designer was no longer what she did to feel fulfilled - it was the thing the kept her from being fulfilled. The priorities in her heart had shifted from her career to her family, but her actions hadn't. Her days at home with her son were what made her feel alive, not the days that she was at work.

So, she made a decision. A decision that would change her life forever. She decided that after her baby girl will be born in June, that she will no longer work at her job in Cleveland so she can focus on her main priority - her family. 

Life is too short to spend it doing things that don't make you feel alive. What makes you feel alive? Do you do it as often as you would like to? Why, or why not? Leave a comment.
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