Baby Steps Into The World Of Cloth Diapering

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Phoenix Rockin' His Econobum at 27 lbs.
It's a one-size diaper that fits from 8-35 lbs.
So, as some of you may know, I've decided to give cloth diapering a try. There are quite a few things than influenced my decision, but here are the main ones:

Potty Training - Phoenix is beginning to enter the potty-training stage, and cloth-diaper-wearers tend to potty-train easier & faster. Also, we're using one-size diapers, so the diapers we're currently using on Phoenix will also fit our baby!

No need to please others - I'm becoming a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) once our girl is born in June, so I won't have to have to provide day care with a huge stash of certain (more expensive) kinds of diapers. I can choose to do what I want.

It's better for the environment - While this can technically be debatable... as you're using water & energy to run them in the wash... at least they won't be sitting in a landfill. I might even try to hang mine dry as well, so that's environmentally-friendly too. AND... more importantly, week-old feces won't be stinking up the trash can in our garage, which is certainly better for my environment!

It will be a nice way to save money - If I had to guess, I'd say we're spending (on the low end) about $30 a month in (Target-brand) diapers. It's not a lot... but over 27 months that's a very roughly-estimated $810 dollars in disposable diapers so far on Phoenix alone. (See an excellent break-down of cost of low-end disposables vs low-end cloth diapering.) On the low end of cloth diapering, you can spend an estimated $225 total - from birth until your child is potty-trained. That's using 24-36 prefolds/inserts & 4-6 covers if you're planning in doing wash every 2-3 days

And, though I'm just getting started, I've spent:

$9.95 - Econobum
2 covers & 2 prefolds (single pack sale -  buy 1 get 1 free)

$6.00 - SunBaby
1 cover & 1 prefold (not an option on site, but available through request) (ordered & will be arriving soon)

$9.99 - Kawaii
1 cover & 2 inserts  (ordered & will be arriving soon)

FREE - I have a stash of old Gerber Bird's Eye Baby Diapers that I got as a baby shower present when Phoenix was born. I'm using temporarily as prefolds until I build up a good stash of better-quality ones. So far, they've been working decently, so I'm excited to see how different brands of prefolds perform. In general, the Gerber "cloth diapers" aren't recommended to be used as actual cloth diapers by most cloth diapering mothers today. It's just something I'm doing temporarily.

TOTAL = $25.94 = 4 covers & 5 inserts

If I like the Kawaii diapers that are on their way, I can spend $71.99 and get their 12-diaper cover kit w/ 24 inserts.  I'd have 16 covers & 29 inserts... at a total of $97.93 spent on cloth diapers... that could complete my collection.

If I like the SunBaby diapers, I can get their 12 diaper cover & 24 inserts package for $78.00... and call it quits with a total of 16 covers & 29 inserts... at a total cost of $103.94. 

But, if I don't like the SunBaby or Kawaii diapers that will be arriving soon, I can just stock up on a few more Econobums and keep trying out different brands here and there just to see what works best.

A Few Diapers On My List To Try:

And Some "Accessories":

What are your thoughts on cloth diapers? Leave a comment.

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