Econobum Diapers & My HONEST Thoughts On Cloth Diapering!

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Nope, I wan't paid to post this. I purchased the Econobum on my own & am just sharing my thoughts. :)

I recently decided I was going to give cloth diapering a try. So far, things have been going fairly well... and I'm learning A LOT! Amongst other reasons, I'm really hoping to save a bit of money in the process. So, I figured I'd post my thoughts on one of the most budget-friendly brands out there... Econobum.

Econobum is one of the simplest, most affordable ways to get started cloth diapering on a budget. Their diapers are one-size, fitting 8-35lbs... so, in theory, will last you from birth to potty-training. They cost $9.95 for a cover & prefold.... but you can keep a look out for deals. I got mine on sale for 2 covers & 2 prefolds for $9.95 at Cottonbabies

My Thoughts
The Econobum was the first ever cloth diaper I have tried, and so far, it's one that I always go back to. The cover fits great... and the prefold just lays inside it. That's it. You lay the diaper out, place the prefold inside it, snap the diaper on, and your little one is ready to go.  It certainly does the job... but because the prefold isn't being held in place by anything, it does tend to bunch up in the middle when it's being worn. I know some people use Snappis to hold the diaper on... but I haven't tried them yet. I prefer to have the "bulk" of the prefold right there in the middle of the diaper as opposed to putting the prefold on like a diaper itself. 

Phoenix's Thoughts

If It's Yellow... Let It Mellow
During a diaper change, if there's just pee in the diaper, I toss the prefold in my dirty diaper bag, set the cover out to dry, and put a new diaper on. The cover usually dries quick, and is ready to be worn again at the next diaper change.

If It's Brown, Flush It Down
If there's any poop, I just set the messy diaper to the side... put on a new diaper, take the messy diaper to the bathroom, drop the poo in the toilet & flush it down. (It takes all of about 10 seconds to do.) Yup, there will still be some on the diaper, but it all comes out in the wash. And, because of how these diapers tend to bunch in the middle, chances are, it got on the cover too, so the cover & prefold both need to be washed. I put the diaper in my makeshift wet diaper bag, and that's it! 

The Extra Laundry
Yes, cloth diapering means you'll need to to extra laundry... but it really isn't that big of a deal! I cloth-diaper almost exclusively at home... but don't have much of a stash yet. So, I use my diapers up, and wash them every 2-3 days. They can usually be washed on the small cycle because I have so few of them. And, on occasion, I'll even wash Phoenix's clothes or even our whites right along with them. (Yup, your stuff too Ken! Surprise!) It all comes out smelling clean! Seriously! I wouldn't do it if it didn't! And, so far I've had success washing all of our cloth diapers in regular Tide. There are many other perfume-free, all-natural options as well, but since Tide is cheap enough... I just use that. It has a great reputation amongst many cloth-diapering families, and so far has been working great for me too!

And... right now I'd totally post an amazing photo of the diaper itself... but since my only two happen to be dirty... so I've decided that might not be the best idea! This photo of Phoenix in his Econobum will have to do instead! :)
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