Feria Hair Color by Loreal

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Loving My Feria Power Copper  #74

There's nothing better than finding your prefect hair color! It took me quite some time, but I found my perfect color about two years ago... Feria's Power Copper (AKA Copper Shimmer) #74. I've blogged about how much I adore this shade already (Loving My Feria Copper Shimmer #74! & Still Loving My Loreal Paris Feria Copper Shimmer #74 Hair Color!) Feria gives me everything I want in a hair color! My hair comes out bright, vibrant, soft... and truthfully... just like the color on the box! I've dyed my hair plenty of times before, and I can honestly say that I've never had such amazing results with hair color as I do with Feria.

That's why I'm excited to have teamed up with Feria to offer readers of It Keeps Getting Better the exclusive chance to win a one of three FREE boxes of Feria - in a shade of their choice! Keep reading to find out how YOU can win one!

If you're having trouble finding Feria Copper Shimmer #74, just click the link below to order from Amazon. :)

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