How To Get Your Blog Approved On SocialSpark

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Recently, I posted about how I'm making some extra cash via my blog through SocialSpark. But, what completely surprised me was the astonishing number of blog referrals I had that weren't approved. Seriously, if you weren't accepted, you weren't the only one. Hardly any of my referrals were. So, I contacted SocialSpark, and am excited to share with you these exclusive tips on how to get your blog approved on SocialSpark.

1. In order to be approved, a blog must be at least 90 days old with a minimum of 20 posts written within the 90 days prior to submission with no more than a 30 day gap in writing during that time.

2. The blog must have an uncluttered, easy to navigate layout, be written in fluent English and contain a chronological archives. 

3. If a blog is not approved initially, it can usually be resubmitted when it meets the Terms.

So, now that you know what they're looking for, if you're interested in signing up or re-submitting your blog - just click here - SocialSpark. (I get a referral bonus... and once you sign up, you will to!)

Thanks - and good luck! 

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