April Flowers Bring Surprise Baby Showers!

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When I was pregnant with Phoenix, my mom hosted a baby shower for me. My mother-in-law wanted to have one too - but agreed that she would be in charge of all future baby showers. DEAL. I guess in their family, it's custom to cerebrate the birth of every child with a baby shower... so who am I to argue about family tradition? ;) Oh, and, leave it to me to hold on to this little nugget of information for well over two years!

Fast forward to me being seven months pregnant with baby #2. You see, I knew that my mother-in-law really wanted to have a baby shower for me, but yet nobody had mentioned a single word about having one since I became pregnant. And, I wasn't going to ask about it. I just kinda figured for whatever reason that they decided not to. Was I a little bit bummed? Perhaps... but life goes on.

So, you can imagine my surprise when we went over there last weekend for my mother-in-law's birthday... but it was really a surprise baby shower for me! It was amazing! There was great food, great people, and... of course, the cutest baby clothes you've ever seen! And, while hubby left his camera at home - as he didn't want to appear suspicious taking it along to his mom's birthday... we do have these photos to share :)

A Diaper Cake - complete with candy and all!
The candy somehow managed to last me a whopping 3 days!

Sonia & Kevin... pretending not to not even see
the hand-crafted cake smorgasbord right in front of them!

My niece Ammanda & foreign exchange student Ana, from Brazil

My niece Paige - a little blurry in this pic, but a sweetie

My mom, sister Lori, and mother-in-law's neighbor Emma...
they're smiling... but secretly wishing we'd hurry up & get there!

There's me - about an hour late for my own party... and completely surprised!
(Oh, and 27 weeks pregnant.)

Phoenix playing with his new truck.

Ana with the cute onesie she designed for my baby girl.

And... the onesie Phoenix designed for his little sister.

Phoenix & Ana

I'm now completely stocked up on diapers, blankets, and the cutest baby clothes ever! I love having such a great family, and can't wait to have my little girl as a part of it too!
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