Cloth Diapering On A Budget

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As many of you know, I recently started cloth-diapering my 2-year old, and am planning on using cloth diapers on baby #2 as well.

Between some leftover newborn disposables from my sister & the huge stash of disposables I got at my baby shower, I think I might be set with disposables for 2-4 weeks once the new baby arrives. And, at which time, I'll see if I can start using my one-size cloth diapers.

If you're looking into cloth diapering, the best advice I can give you is to try out as many different diapers as you can before ordering a huge stash of just one. EVERYBODY has a different opinion on what they think... you really just need to try them out and see for yourself what you like :)

So far, my cloth diapering is going great... and I'm managing to do it on a budget so far too!

Here's my current spending tally:

$9.95 - Econobum
2 covers & 2 prefolds (single pack sale -  buy 1 get 1 free)

$6.00 - SunBaby
1 diaper & 1 insert (not an option on site, but available through request) 
*These are great for the quality & cost!

$9.99 - Kawaii
1 diaper & 2 inserts 
*I was ready to love these, but my boy has a tendency to pull them right off... I think the aplix (aka velcro) is uncomfortable on him. When he does manage to leave them on, they work great!
* And now, 6 weeks after we've been using it - the aplix is coming off - I'll need to sew it back on. :(

$7.25 - Alva Baby Pocket Diaper
1 diaper & 1 insert
*I bought this to sample from, and I love it! But, they just had limited quantities available, so I just ordered 5 more straight from the manufacturer... and even for a cheaper price!

$5.59 each Alva Baby Pocket Diapers
(I bought 5 total from the manufacturer for $27.95 w/ free shipping)  

5 diapers & 5 inserts
*Currently, these are my favorite by far. I just ordered more of their zoo print... Phoenix & I absolutely LOVE them! If I let him choose - it's the first one he goes to. They're SUPER-SOFT on the outside, and they don't leak! 

Holds 3 days of wet/dirty diapers
*This thing is HUGE! perfect to put in our diaper pail. And... so far... no smells coming from it! I'm telling ya - cloth diapering is WAY less stinky than disposables!

$10.00 (Normally $22.95) - Gro Baby Diaper (used)  
1 diaper & 2 inserts
*I bought this used from a friend... and yup it seems wierd, but buying used cloth diapers is actually quite common. It lets you test out a diaper before making a big investment. AND... last night it passed the overnight test with flying colors! I used the 2 small but absorbent inserts it came with, and threw in an extra one.... just in case. Phoenix woke up dry the next morning! it might have been a fluke, but I'm still impressed! 

FREE (Normally $22) - Gerber Bird's Eye Baby Diapers
24 prefolds
I have a stash of these that I got as a baby shower present when Phoenix was born. I'm using them as prefolds with the Econobum covers. So far, they've been working decently, but they're the very last diapers I go to. In general, the Gerber "cloth diapers" aren't recommended to be used as actual cloth diapers by most cloth diapering mothers today. 

FREE (Normally $18.50) - Babykicks 3G Pocket Diaper
1 cover & 1 insert
I used a CSN Stores gift certificate I won off of another blog to purchase this
* It's very thin/trim, but the bamboo insert does a great job of holding a lot... but if the insert gets bunched up, it leaks. Yes, ANY cloth diaper leaks if the insert gets bunched up, but, I've had more leaks with this one.*

FREE (Normally $17.95) - Happy Heinys Diaper
I recieved a free diaper to conduct a review & giveaway on my blog
1 diaper & 2 inserts
* So far this is holding up well... and does a good job of holding leaks. I personally don't like how thick the velcro feels, but that's just a personal prefrence. Phoenix doesn't seem to mind.*

FREE (Normally $12.99) - Little Luxe Wet Bag
(Holds 4-6 dirty diapers)
I used a CSN Stores gift certificate I won off of another blog to purchase this
* I love it! It holds smells great & is a nice fit for the diaper bag or when the other wet bag is in the laundry.*

FREE (Normally $4.69) - 6 Baby Luxe Terrycloth Washcloths
I used a CSN Stores gift certificate I won off of another blog to purchase this
*These are to use as washable wipes. You can get these pretty much anywhere, and they're cheap. I think they're 4 for $1 at the Dollar Tree.*

      13 covers/diapers & 16 inserts (in addition to the 24 prefolds
            I already have)
      1 small wet bag & 1 big wet bag
      6 new baby washcloths (in addition to the 6 or so I already have)

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