Happy Easter!

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The Saturday before Easter, we were lucky to spend the day with the whole family! Since my older sister lives 4 hours away, this is certainly a rare occasion, but certainly one that was well-enjoyed!

Phoenix refused to let go of his cousin Keegan's hand! 

Adding a few more eggs to his basket.

Keegan helping Phoenix find some Easter eggs.

Phoenix is hardly ever around babies... but he did great around Alyssa.
Pictured: Alyssa, Keegan & Phoenix.

With a camera this close... he instinctively closes his eyes in anticipation of the flash.
He did a great job keeping them pretty much open here!

Alyssa - 6 months

Phoenix & Daddy playing with a book the Easter Bunny brought.

When you're 2 years old, and used to being the smallest person around, it must be pretty
fascinating to see somebody to much smaller than you are.

Playing with daddy.

On Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny came while Phoenix was taking his noon nap. it was quite the surprise for him to wake up to!
Showing the camera his mouth was empty of candy. 

Phoenix did a great job finding eggs!

Mmm... jelly beans!

Phoenix with his stash of eggs.

Hope you had a great Easter as well!

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