Phoenix Is Sleeping In His Big Boy Bed!

Monday, May 16, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

Well, it's official! At 2 years & 5 months old, we have successfully transitioned Phoenix into his big boy bed!

The method? Well, rather simple, actually. You remember how we finally transitioned him off of milk in the bottle at night? The dentist just told him he was a big boy, and he was all done with milk in the bottle. His daddy & I reiterated what the dentist had said numerous times throughout the entire day. 

"What did the dentist say about milk in the bottle?" we'd ask.

"You're all done," was his reply.

And... that night... it worked! He went the whole night without a bottle of milk! It's been something we were really struggling with, so this was a HUGE step forward! And, ever since then, he hasn't had any milk in his bottle.

Well, my sister applied the same philosophy of getting him to sleep in his big boy bed. She just told him he was "all done" with his crib. The crib was for the baby, and he was going to sleep in his big boy bed from now on. And, sure enough... it worked!

Never underestimate the power of somebody else's words to have a positive effect on your child. Phoenix knows what he can get away with from me, so having somebody else's words to fall back on is a great way to get him to make a big change. And, looking back, perhaps it was me that needed the words of another to fall back on... but either way, it worked. Our whole family is much better off as a result!

What did you find to be the most effective way to deal with phases of transition for your child? Leave a comment.  

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