What Mother's Day Means To Me

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If there's one thing that becoming a mother yourself makes you truly realize, it's how much your own mother loves you. There is simply no other way to experience that type of love than to live it... to experience it for yourself. Through all the sleepless nights, tantrums, everything... being a mother really is tougher and more rewarding than you can ever imagine. And, there's no doubt in my mind that it's worth every minute!

For me, Mother's Day isn't about candy, flowers, or gifts. It's a time where I can really think about all of the amazing moments that really make me happier than ever I've decided to become a mom. 

It's my son whispering beside me as I vacuum, "Thank you, Mommy."

It's how bath-time became much more fun once we stopped calling it "bath time",
and started referring to it as "time for Lightning McQueen & Mater to get a car wash." 

It's Phoenix seeing my bare feet in the morning, and telling me, "Oh no! Mommy needs socks!"

It's my little guy sitting on my lap in the morning as I blow-dry my hair.
"So, how does my hair look?" I ask.
"Pretty," he replies.

It's when I yawn, and he says, "Mommy's tired." 

"Yes, Mommy's tired," I say. "What should I do?"
"Close your eyes," he replies.
Then, before I know it, he's getting me his pillow & blanket from his crib,
tucks me in as I lay on the floor, and gives me a kiss.

It's when the hubby & I both holding Phoenix in a BIG hug... peppering him with kisses... when he manages to wiggle out of the way, puts his hands on each of our heads, and pushes us together,
so we kiss each other too.

It's how Phoenix has become obsessed with singing & dancing lately!

It's the kicks I feel in my belly, reminding me that this Mother's Day, I'm 33 weeks pregnant.
It's knowing that in just a few short weeks, we'll be brining another
life into the world... and into our crazy amazing family!

What does Mother's Day mean to you? Leave a comment!

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