Ariana Jade - A Birth Story

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Last month, I wrote about wanting to have a natural (aka - drug-free) childbirth. I told my hubby that this time, I was going to be SO relaxed, we'd even be able to have our 2 1/2 year old son in the room. Well, be careful what you wish for!

Fast forward to last Sunday. It was June 26... my official due date. It was a fairly normal day. I wasn't having contractions. Everything seemed like just another day of being pregnant. But, soon, that all changed. 

At 4pm, I started feeling contractions. They were very random, varying from 4 minutes apart, then 2 minutes apart. We called our parents, who were both "on call" to watch our son Phoenix during the delivery - we'd call them to let them know once we got to the hospital if it was the real thing or not. On my end, it was nothing really painful, so it was hard to tell. 

Big brother Phoenix with his sister Ariana Jade & myself - ½ after she was born
At 5pm we decided to go to the hospital, just in case. We checked in at 5:30, and found out that I was 8 centimeters dilated. Conveniently, too late for an epidural. Yup, by then I was asking begging  for one, though I knew it was too late... even though I SWORE up & down for the past 9 months that I wasn't going to get one! Luckily, if there's one thing that motivates you to not turn into a psycho during labor, it's knowing your 2 1/2 year old is sitting in the recliner next to you. By then, both of our parents were on their way to pick him up, but they hadn't arrived yet. I did my best to concentrate on relaxing & breathing. An hour after arriving at the hospital... with my husband & son right there with me, Ariana Jade was born.

And... Phoenix couldn't be happier to be a big brother! Here he is in awe of his new little sister :)

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