Distant Cousins

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It's interesting to see what ages people decide to have children. Some people have them when they're younger. Some people have them when they're older. And, some have children somewhere in the middle. I don't believe there's a "right" age to have children. I think that it's different for everybody. And, I personally love that I waited until I was 29 when I had Phoenix & will be 31 when I have his sister in a few weeks. 

But, I mention this because it's something I always notice this whenever I take Phoenix to see his cousins. On my husband's side of the family, his youngest cousin is nearly ready to graduate high school. On my side, the closest in age is just 8 months old.... but she lives a few hours away. So, the closest in both age & distance is his 9-year-old cousin Keegan.

Recently, I took Phoenix to see Keegan, and even though there's a bit of an age gap, it was cute to see them together. They really enjoy each other's company. And, I doubt they see the age difference... just a cousin to  hang out with. 
Keegan & Phoenix walking through a "secret path" in the park together
Enjoying their Subway lunch!

My sister Lori & her son Keegan with Phoenix

These two certainly have a love for soccer! Though I've never played soccer with Phoenix, he
knew just what to do. I'm gonna have to get him started in sports sooner that I thought!

Phoenix going after his soccer ball
A moment of Phoenix actually smiling on the swing! It took forever to get him to smile!
He would much rather be back on the soccer field!

Yup, smiling again :)

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