DIY: Easy Photo Wall

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With a 2-year old around, professional photos have certainly began to accumulate around our house. Up until now, they've been in closets or designated to a few shelves in the computer room. Well, we started to need those shelves for other things, (*ahem* Ken's Lego collection *ahem* ) so I decided to put our photos together on a photo wall. At first it seemed quite intimidating, but honestly, the project was WAY easier that I ever could have imagined. I was even able to do it all by myself :)

1. Gather the frames you want to display. (For me, this included quite a few empty frames that I'm planning on filling once baby #2 arrives.)

2. Trace & cutout the outline of each frame on large paper. (I used newsprint paper I had leftover from art school.) Write a short description of that photo inside the tracing. 

3. Figure out a good layout by taping the frames to your wall. (I used two horizontal rows to make my layout visually pleasing. Plus, since it is behind the dining room table, I wanted something up a little higher, so the photos are at eye-line when you're standing up and looking at them.)

4. Hold up the actual photo to the paper you have on the wall - and draw little dots where you need to put the nails. 

5. Hammer nails into the wall, right on top of the paper on the wall.

6. Remove the paper, and hang up your photos. 

That's it! I'm really happy how mine turned out. And, I also love that I have spots ready for future photos as well. The photo wall can grow right along as my family does. :)

Do you have a photo wall? What do you do with the photos you've accumulated? Leave a comment! 

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