Signing Safari DVD {Review}

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When it comes to finding a DVD my 2½ year old will watch, it's really hit or miss. So, when I received a copy of Signing Safari's "Beginner Signs & Alphabet" & "Daily Life & Family Signs" to review, I was interested to see if Phoenix would like them. Well, to my delight, he loved them!

As soon as I popped each one into the DVD player, he stopped whatever he was doing and began to watch & sign along. It was just too cute! There were kids his age having fun doing signs, and he was having fun right along with them. There is also fun little songs to go along with each sign too.

I'm a big fan of these DVDs. It's a great & easy way to teach your child sign language. Plus, they're fun! You don't feel like you're in education-mode with these DVD's... it's more like you're just playing with your child! I highly recommend them.

Both DVDs include valuable tips & insights from experts on how to make the most of signing with your child. They also include a plethora of reasons on why it's a great idea to start signing with your child.


The "Beginner Signs & Alphabet" DVD (6 months & up) includes signs for:
  • More
  • Hurt
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • No
  • All Done
  • Milk
  • The Entire Alphabet
  • and many more!
The "Al About Me" DVD (6 months to 5 years) includes signs for:
  • Boy
  • Brother
  • Girl
  • Sister
  • Baby
  • Grandma
  • Grandpa
  • Kiss
  • Numbers 1-10
  • and many more!
You can check out these DVDs & much more at Signing Safari.

Have you taught your child sign language? What methods worked best for you? Leave a comment.

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