Writers Block

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I love to sit down at my computer to blog... but sometimes I don't always get a chance. You'd think I must have all the time in the world to blog as a stay-at-home-mom... but that couldn't be farther from the truth.  Phoenix is pretty much the center of my attention whenever he's awake. Certainly nothing to complain about... but there's no way of explaining to him that I need to be typing on a computer instead of spending time with him. Believe me, I've tried! So, I tend to reserve my blogging to when Phoenix is sleeping. Here's what happens is I don't...

This is the most common version of writers block I experience - when Phoenix sits right
on my desk, making himself an ever-wiggling barrier between myself and
my keyboard and monitor.

Sometimes, just to switch it up, he'll go for the limb-grab. He usually knows to go right
for my arm, rendering me useless on my keyboard or mouse. But, if I'm lounging a bit,
he'll go right for my feet... pull... pull... pulling me until I'm off of the computer. 

And his latest attempt, simply moving my hand off of my mouse, and saying in the sternest voice his 2-year-old body can muster up, "Mommy. Hands down! Hands down, Mommy." Yup, when all else fails, that gets me every single time!

Do you experience child-induced "writers block" too? When is your favorite time to blog? Leave a comment.

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