Big Brother & Little Sister

Thursday, July 07, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

We brought her home the other day 
you’re now a big brother, just waiting to play...

Soon she'll grow, and you will see
just how much fun, being a big brother can be.

Soon she'll follow you everyday, 
and she'll repeat whatever you say.
 She will always be your friend, 
her love for you will never end.

There's no greater bond of friendship here,
than that of siblings who's love is dear.
So please be patient, very soon she'll grow,
 And there's so much, she needs to know.
 Like how you came first, to lead the way,
and at her side, you'll always stay.

All about the right things to do,
you know she will be watching you.

 This is the best way for you to see
how much you really mean to me.
When you can see that love can grow
it's only then, that you could know.

Poem: Copywright 2003 - Christine Michaels -
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