Loving My Short Hair Style :)

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For the longest time, I had always felt short hair had always ugly. I've tried it... many times, and always hated how I looked with a short hairstyle. it just wasn't for me. Eventually, I stopped trying. I threw in the towel, and succumbed to the philosophy that the only way to look pretty was to have long flowing hair. And, I had long hair for quite some time. But... it was a pain to style every day. Most of the time, I just tossed it up into a ponytail... not exactly the long flowing hair I had imagined. So, what's a girl to do?

Well, recently I gave short hair another try... and actually like it now :) In fact, I've unofficially dubbed 2011 as the year I've officially fallen in love with having short hair! It began with this cut back in February: http://lisabrowndesign.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-new-short-hair-style.html. It has grown out quite a bit since then... and today, I went to get it cut again... and really like how it looks. In fact, it looks how I wanted it to look back in February!

Quick & easy to style - just blow dry & flat iron the front pieces.

Not sure what those stragglers are doing at the nape of my neck!

I like how it looks from this angle :)

A little texture in the back

Oh, and the best part? It cost me a whopping $9.99... which included a $2 tip. Gotta love Great Clips! I love when women thing they HAVE to spend $75-$125 on a haircut! The girls at the inexpensive salons can be just as good as the expensive ones :)

Do you splurge on your hair? How much would you spend to get your dream haircut? Leave a comment. :)

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