Making Our Own Rainbows

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"Mommy! Look! A RAINBOW!" Phoenix shouts enthusiastically as he points at the sprinkler. 

"Yes, a rainbow!" I reply with a smile.

While a sprinkler on a warm, sunny day like today certainly has the potential to make a rainbow... ours didn't. But, Phoenix saw one anyways. His rainbow isn't an actual rainbow... it's the arc shape the sprinkler makes. It's his rainbow. And, whenever we turn on the sprinkler, he always points out the rainbow with amazement.

Phoenix riding his "motorcycle" through his rainbow.
I love that we don't have to wait for nature to make rainbows... we can make them whenever we want.

Phoenix & myself running through the sprinkler.
And, with a rainbow pouring down on you, suddenly, everything becomes more fun!

Preparing to launch "The Fan" - our favorite new cereal box toy from Cherrios!
And... you sit back and watch even more rainbows being made...

Daddy helping Phoenix wind up his toy.

Phoenix shows off his upper-body strength.

He would hang from this tree all day if we'd let him!

Phoenix ecstatic after Daddy caught him from an amazing tree-hang.

Phoenix in delight after being caught by Daddy again.

Phoenix & Daddy- loving their play time together.

The ability to see a rainbow where none exists... that's the beauty of being a 2½ year old.
And, it's also the joy of having a 2½ year old.
I get to see the world through the eyes of a child...
rainbows and all :)

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