Guess Who's Potty-Trained?

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This photo is quite misleading. He doesn't go potty on his potty chair.
He pees standing up like a big boy, and goes poop on the big potty as well.   
We started potty-training Phoenix around 2 weeks ago. And now, lots of M&Ms and high-fives later...  it's safe to say he's pretty much potty-trained!

One of the more interesting moments was when I tossed some Cheerios in the toilet for him to aim at. Well, Phoenix just didn't get it... even after I attempted to... well, demonstrate for him!

"Look! See! It's fun!" I said as I went pee on my son's favorite breakfast cereal.

He just looked at me, disgusted, and said, "Mommy, no. Don't want to eat."


Yes, maybe peeing on his cereal wasn't such a good idea after all. No more fancy tricks or fun games after that. It was all business from there on out... and business was good!

He's had the occasional accident  and we still put him in a diaper when he's going to bed at night, but besides that, he's been amazing! This boy LOVES using the toilet, and prefers to initiate his restroom use all on his own. 

I thought it would be rough getting him potty trained AND having a newborn to take care of... but it really hasn't been that bad. And, the timing couldn't have been better! His little sister Ariana, at around 9.5 lbs & 6 weeks old, is already fitting into his cloth diapers :) 

I love the animal print diapers we got Phoenix... but I have an uncontrollable urge to buy a few "girly" diapers for Ariana. Around the house, I'll just put her in a diaper & that's it... and the animal-prints don't look very feminine!

Ariana rockin' her leopard-print cloth diapers.

Feel free to share your potty-training stories. Leave a comment :)
Leopard-print diapers... do you think they look better on boys or girls? Leave a comment :)

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