Learning To Be A Great Sleeper

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She's a tiny, beautiful piece of clay. It is my job to sculpt her. And, the job of a sculptor can be difficult... especially when it comes to sculpting your child into a great sleeper.

During the day, she sleeps a lot... but on her terms. She'll zonk out in my arms as she's nursing, but if I set her down, she tends to cry. As you can imagine, holding or nursing a baby nearly 24/7 sure makes it hard to do pretty much anything else!

So, when I received some toys from Infantino to try out the other day, I immediately opened the Soothing Hand Squeezies & put them right on her. They were designed to simulate the baby holding mom's finger, and I was ready to see if they were enough to soothe her to sleep on her own. And, they did!

Normally, Ariana will start crying after being set down for, oh, 1-2 minutes. So, I put these things on her, and, no kiddng, she slept for 45 minutes! It was nothing short of a miracle!

Ariana rockin' her Soothing Hand Squeezies :)

Oh, and let's be honest... I LOVE that they make her look like a little boxer in training!

What are your tips & tricks for getting a baby to sleep? Leave a comment!

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