The Past 0-3 Months

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The other day, I was doing laundry as normal... with one exception. All of those 0-3 month clothes I have been dressing Ariana in got set to the side. My little girl is right on schedule, as she turns three months old today, her 0-3 month clothes are no longer fitting. And, as I set the clothes to the side, I couldn't help but wonder... will I ever dress a baby in them again? I'll be honest, some days I want to have more children, but on other days I am simply impressed that I manage to get through the day with two, I couldn't imagine having any more. Seriously, those mothers of more than two children deserve some sort of an award! But, enough of wondering what the future may bring... I'm more than happy living in the present. So, as Ariana turns three months old, I'm not going to miss her being a tad bit younger... I'm going to continue to love every minute as I watch her grow. :)

I made this hair bow for Ariana the day before we had her professional pictures done.  

Those eyes... mommy's color & daddy's shape... the perfect mix of the both of us.

They laugh together quite often... Phoenix really knows how to make Ariana smile.  

I love how Ariana's looking right at the camera for this one.

Playing & laughing a bit more.

If they have this much fun together already, I can't wait to see how they'll be in a few more months!

When I found out that I was having a girl... part of me didn't think it would be possible for her to be as cute as Phoenix... I was wrong... they're both absolutely adorable! 

Oh, those baby blue eyes!

I'm just in love with every precious inch of her! 

And, yes, maybe it's the mom in me talking, but I really do think she's the cutest little girl ever!

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