How to Negotiate Lower Medical Bills

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

Having a baby at the hospital is not cheap. Ok, nothing at the hospital is cheap. So, when medical bills started rolling in from Ariana's birth, I did what everybody does... I complained.
I was charged $500 for 1 day in the nursery. And, since I kept Ariana in my room, I called the hospital to question the charge. Apparently $500 is the going rate for the plastic tupperware-container-on-wheels we kept her in when she wasn't being held. Yeah, seriously. It's beyond frustrating when you get a hospital bill and look at the outrageous costs for everything. And, it's yet another reason why I'm totally going the home-birth route next time. Not that I'm planning on baby #3... but you never know.

So anyways, I did what anybody would do in my situation... I complained. And, as usual, my mom one of the people I complained to. I wasn't looking for a magical way to lower my medical bills... but that's exactly what I got! My mom suggested calling up the number on the bill and asking them if they could lower my charges.  Seriously... it can't be that easy. But, I figured that it was worth a try.

I called up the number on the bill, and asked that magical question, "Is there any way you could lower my bill?" And... they did! I couldn't believe it! I was able to get anywhere from 10%-20% discount off of a handful of hospital bills just for asking! They both did ask me to pay the balance right then, which was fine. I gladly gave them my credit card info right then and there!

Have you ever tried to get your hospital bills lowered? Did it work? Leave a comment. 
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