Fun At The LEGO KidsFest

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I received a complimentary admittance to the LEGO KidsFest to facilitate this review.

This weekend, our LEGO-loving family went to the LEGO KidsFest at the IX Center in Cleveland. We all had a great time... there was really something there for every age group. :)

Phoenix was fascinated by the LEGO-lady, who was just his size!

He's obsessed with the mailman, so when he saw the letter on this LEGO-lady's shirt, it just completely won him over!

And, when he found out that he could spin her head around?! Well, it just didn't get any better than that!

Except or when he was standing in front of a Lightning McQueen LEGO sculpture!
Phoenix was beyond thrilled!

Soon, Phoenix insisted on having his picture taken in front of every sculpture there...
and there were A LOT!

He couldn't keep his hands off of the cool castle... and who could blame him? 

There were also a bunch of Monochrome Build tables...
where everyone was free to build whatever they wanted to.

But, they were a bit out of his age range... so we headed over to the area just for him....

The DUPLO Zone!
We were all entranced by the LEGO-scapes & DUPLO-scapes like this one that were scattered throughout KidsFest.

Aah, and, yes my beautiful Ariana was there too!

Ken has loved Legos since he was a child, so it is really amazing to see him passing this down to his own child.

Phoenix's expression says it all in this photo!

Do you share any hobbies with your own children? We'd love to hear about it! Leave a comment. 
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