How To Stop Following Blogs In Google Reader

Friday, November 25, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

If you're like me, you follow a lot of blogs. A LOT. And, sometimes it gets to the point where it's just ridiculous. So, you go to manage your Google Reader subscription settings, but those darn blogs keep showing up. Again. And again. And again. So, how do you delete those darn blogs that keep showing up for good? I finally figured out how. Steps must be done in this order for it to work.

1. Log into a blog with Google Friend Connect.

2. Under your name, click "Options" and "Site Settings".

3. A box will pop up with a "Sites you've joined" tab. This is where Google Reader keeps pulling those returning sites from. You just need to stop following those sites here.

4, Once you've done that, log back into Google Reader and delete the blogs from there as well. To do that, just hit the arrow by "Subscriptions" and click "Manage Subscriptions".

5. Completely restart your computer. When you turn it on and log back into Google Reader, the blogs should be permanently removed from your Google Reader. That's it! I found this info extremely helpful, and I hope you will to!

Did it work for you? Leave a comment and let me know. Thanks!
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