My Pixie Haircut... Now In Soft Black :)

Monday, November 28, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

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Well, as if chopping all of my hair into a little pixie haircut wasn't enough of a change... I also dyed it black. Well, soft black to be exact. My "natural" color just wasn't doing it for me with the new cut. I needed something bolder. So, it was a toss-up between red and black... and after some thought, I went with black, figuring that with such a short cut, black would grow out nicer. I used Garnier Nutrisse's 20 Soft Black (Black Tea), and am really happy with the results. The color came out pretty close to how the box said it would, which was great. I've washed it three times so far, and I'm still getting little bits of leftover color washing out, but I'm pretty sure that it's gonna stay pretty close to the color it is here. I do have light/medium toned skin, so I was risking looking a bit "goth" (lol - do they still call it that?) or washed-out and pale, but it turned out great! So, I've colored my hair brownred/auburn, and black... the only shade left to try is blonde... but I'm not quite ready for that one yet! 
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