The ABCs of Me - An Ohio Mommy Blogger - :)

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I'm borrowing this lovely post idea from Mrs. Cox at Slice O Heaven.

Age ~ 32

Bed Size ~ Queen

Chore that you hate ~ Dishes! Ugh, dishes!

Dogs ~ Snoopy was the dog I first had growing up - she was a beagle & collie mix. Lotte was next - she was a boxer/lab mix. But, no dogs for me now... two children are enough to take care of! 

Essential start to the day ~ Hmm... nothng really. I just get up & go. 

Favorite color ~ blue

Gold or silver ~ I LOVE silver.

Height ~ 5’8”

Instrument you play ~ None

Job ~ CEO for a small family organization & blogger :)

Kids ~ Phoenix - 3 years old & Ariana - 6 months old

Live ~ Ohio

Movie ~ One that always sticks out in my head as being brilliant is Fight Club. 

Nickname ~ Mom. Mommy. Mum. Muma. 

Overnight hospital stay ~ The last time was when I had Ariana. Her birth story is... crazy.

Pet Peeve ~ People who are just crabs to be around. 

Quote ~ "I reject your reality and substitute my own!" Adam Savage, MythBusters

Right or left handed ~ Right

Siblings ~ 2 sisters

Time it takes you to get ready ~ By myself, 30 minutes... with the kids, 2 hours.

Underwear ~ Yes!

Vegetable you hate ~ Squash

What makes you run late ~ Getting the kids fed, clothed, diapers changed, shoes on, in the car, etc.

Xrays you’ve had ~ My leg for an acl tear & cancer scare, chest for pneumonia & cancer scare.

Yummy food that you make ~ Vegan brownies

Zoo animal ~ Any mommies with their babies
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