Cake, Ice Cream, And More

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I never imagined I would ever be the mom who would cry at the thought of my children getting older. But, there I laid, the night before my son's third birthday... and a few tears just started making their way down my cheeks. My little boy was getting bigger. And, it made me... well... realize how quickly life happens.

When you're living your life without kids, days seem to blend into each other. Days go by... months turn into years. You get older, but you never really have that reminder of how fast life is going by. With kids, it's a whole other story.

In just three short years, he has gone from that tiny new baby I was just figuring out how to hold... into a little boy.

He has went from being the baby to being the one eager to help out with the new baby. And, if there's one person in his life he loves more than anyone, it's his little sister, Ariana.

Not a day goes by without Phoenix saying:
  • "I want my AR-EE-now-uh."
  • "She's so cute!"
  • "She's my baby SIS-ter"
  • "Aww... she's my best friend"

As days go by, life happens.
So, we stop to celebrate birthdays... to acknowledge the passing of time and amazing thing called life.

Oh, and we celebrate for the cake too! Oh, the cake!
Phoenix just couldn't stop looking at his Thomas the Train cake!

And a delicious cake it was!

And while birthdays are never about the gifts... Phoenix did get some amazing and thoughtful presents.

But sometimes the cake & gifts are trumped by something better - spending time with family.

Happy Birthday, Phoenix! 
You're the sunshine in my life!
- Mom
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