What I Love Wednesday: Gingerbread Cookies

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

lollipopsIt's really the simple things in life that really make life worth living. The more time that I spend with my children, the more I realize that it's not always the things in life that matter... it's the experiences, and the people you share them with.

So, this week, I'm participating in something new called "What I Love Wednesdays". It's just a simple little post about something I love. So, this week, I love...

Making gingerbread cookies with the family.

The husband's creative cookies!

When I asked 3-year-old Phoenix what shapes he wanted on his cookie,
he simply replied, "A circle. Oh, and a hexagon."

What do you love this Wednesday? Leave a comment. :)

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