Who Is "A" On Pretty Little Liars?

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It's the question that leaves us wanting more... and coming back to every episode to find out. Nothing is what it seems on Pretty Little Liars... and that's what makes it to hard to figure out who "A" really is.

Who planted the shovel? My best guess is Mike. I think he's in communication with "A" online. And, that's why he was so upset when his mom took his laptop. He's also been doing a fair share of mischief... breaking into houses, etc. I think "A" is far away, but has blackmailed Mike into doing her work.

Is the Jenna/Garrett alliance something worth keeping an eye out for, etc? While I think that this certainly seems like a possibility, it's almost too obvious. I think they're going to be completely innocent when it comes down to it, and there will be a perfect reason to why they've been acting weird.

Who is "A"? It just keeps coming back to me that "A" is Alison. I'm guessing that she is very far away... and that she has bribed Mike into doing her dirty work. She's probably alive and well, living somewhere happily with her family. They may have faked her death to get out of town. Remember that Alison saw Emily in a dream-state? Emily asked Alison if she knew who "A" was, and Alison replied that two can keep a secret if one of them is dead? Well... that's  even more proof that Alison isn't dead.

The season premiere is January 2, where do you think the plot will pick up and how are the girls going to get out of the mess they’re in? I think that Jenna & Garrett are going to step in and defend the girls... and will have some sort of proof that it was Mike who planted the shovel.

It's also worth mentioning how evil & manipulative of a person Alison truly is. I think she has a lot of pain inside, and has taken it our on manipulating her group of friends. I think she faked her death just as another way for her to have fun with her friends by torturing them. After all, Alison was the one who lured her friends to an abandoned house and pretending she was being killed. Maybe that wasn't enough for her, so she took it one step further.


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Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? Who do you think "A" is? Leave a comment. 

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