Little Miss Ariana - 7 Months Old

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It's hard to believe my little baby Ariana is seven months old already! 

She is increasingly aware of the world around her... and can't get enough of masking tape! Really, there's nothing that keeps Ariana & Phoenix more entertained than a good ole masking tape house on the floor!

She crawls around the house like a champ... and simply adores watching and "chasing" Mieke around the house, trying to pull out handfulls of her fur pet her. 

Ariana is all about staying active, and has even been caught doing an inner-thigh lift... with impeccable form & accuracy for a 7-month-old! Just look at how that top leg crosses over, creating extra resistance for her bottom leg. 

Yes, my girl is really starting to let her athletic side shine. Her preferred method of transportation is a bit less like typical baby crawling, and a bit more like an army crawl. 

And, most recently, she's even started situating herself to a sitting position - all by herself!
She just cut her first tooth yesterday. After a day of an unusually fussy Ariana, I noticed that her very first tooth had broken through. :)

I'm also very proud to say that Ariana is exclusively a breastfed baby - 7 months old and so far 100% bottle-free, and I couldn't be happier! I think I may have missed my calling to be a lactation consultant... because there's nothing I enjoy more than learning all there is to know about feeding a baby, the way nature has created. If you have ANY questions about breastfeeding, please don't hesitate to ask. I feel like a pro, and I'd love to help other mothers as much as I can! :) We'll start to introduce solid foods soon... not so much for nutrition... a mother's milk provides that... but more for learning & fun :) 

What's your favorite memory of your children when they were babies? Leave a comment. :)

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