Oprah's Lifeclass #2 - Letting Go Of Anger

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This post isn't sponsored by anyone. I just like Oprah & the whole Lifeclass concept. :)

Last week, I started my own re-broadcast of Oprah's Lifeclass on my blog with The Power Of False Ego. Today is about letting go of anger. You can watch it at http://www.oprah.com/oprahs-lifeclass/Oprahs-Lifeclass-Webcast-Day-Two-Anger-with-Iyanla-Vanzant-Video. This video is packed full of incredible insight, and is a great one to watch.

Letting Go Of My Anger
I don't feel like I'm an angry person, but I will admit that I do have some unresolved issues in terms of anger. I don't know where they stem from, but one thing that has consistently made me angry is when I am busy working around other people who should be working, but weren't.

For example, when I was working as a graphic designer, I almost always showed up on time & got started working right away. If it were just me working hard, I'd be ok with that. But, I had a co-worker whose cubicle was right next to mine. She was consistently late, and on top of that, would easily spend the first 1½ hours of her day in the bathroom blowdrying her hair... and flat-ironing her hair... and doing her makeup. Then, her days often were spent looking up equally unproductive things online. And, it infuriated me. And, all of this while I worked my butt off right next to her empty cubicle. I just sat there, in silence, but secretly fuming inside.

That's not the only example either. This situation keeps on finding ways to creep into my life and make me angry. But, I never really realized it until today. I have discovered the problem, I realize that it hurts me when people who do less work then me are treated as though they are working just as hard as I am. It hurts when I see other people not contributing as much as I feel they should be. But, I still need to figure out the root of the problem... what the hurt is coming from. 

What is holding you back in your life right now? 
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