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A crazy thing happened when I left my job about 9 months ago to become a stay-at-home mom. I started really looking at everything I have, and comparing it to how much I actually need. I stopped wanting to acquire more things, and instead get more use out of the things I already owned. I had a newly-found desire to scale down my consumption, and to become more self-reliant and less dependable on outside resources.

Everything really clicked for me. My family didn't need to have two incomes. We could scale back on consumption, live a bit simpler life, and I could have the freedom to be able to raise my children. And, it didn't have to be a painful thing. In fact, I've LOVED the process of simply living with less, and am always looking for new ways to become more self-sufficient.

The hubby once joked that I'd be happiest living in a cabin in the woods, working in the garden, making food from scratch, making everybody's clothes by hand, etc.  And the crazy thing is... he's right. I would love to do that. It's life from a simpler time. There would be no worries about the economy or layoffs or taxes. I wouldn't be working to help my boss buy his third vacation home. I'd be working for me. Self-employed. My job would be to take care of my family. Just thinking about it puts a big ole smile on my face.

My desire to become more self-sufficient started innocently enough. I started looking at the ingredients in my food. I started to learn what I was putting into my body. It turned out that that the stuff I was eating was barely even food. I was often eating a mixed array of chemicals designed to simulate food... but this stuff wasn't food. With a few simple ingredients on hand, I started to learn how to make real food from real ingredients, and I loved it!

One of the first foods I made from scratch was brownies. I figured there must be some way to make that brownie powder that came in the box... and there was! You can imagine my delight when I started tweaking the recipes... substituting different ingredients to make them just a bit healthier... I loved it! and, the crazy part? It's not much more work than when you make it out of the box anyways.

This year, I am committed to starting my own organic garden. Growing my own food also ensures it's safe to eat. I don't have to worry about the side-effects of pesticides, or e coli contamination. Those things don't happen in your backyard garden. I want to stop relying on the grocery store to provide my family with food, and rely more on our land. I'm still in the research phase, but I'm having a blast learning as much as I can. :)

What are your thoughts on living a more sustainable life? Would you ever want to be free from a job & paycheck... just working to provide for your family? Leave a comment. 

PS - If you're interested in reading more about becoming this topic, check out Sufficient: A Modern Guide to Sustainable Living by Tom Petherick. There's a lot of great and inspirational info I know you'll find helpful.

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