Oprah's Lifeclass #3 - You Become What You Believe

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This post isn't sponsored by anyone. I just like Oprah & the whole Lifeclass concept. :)

Last month, I started my own re-broadcast of Oprah's Lifeclass on my blog with The Power Of False Ego. The second post was about Letting Go Of Anger. Today's Lifeclass is about how You Become What You Believe. You can watch the video, which is packed full of incredible insight at http://www.oprah.com/oprahs-lifeclass/The-Oprahs-Lifeclass-Webcast-with-Cheryl-Richardson-Video.

A few highlights that struck a chord with me:
  • We form our between birth and the age of 5-6 years old, most of what we operate in our present-day life is the beliefs that were installed during that time. This makes me realize how really important my job as a parent really is. It's up to me to help my children live their best life, and to show them the direction to happiness.
  • When you care more about what you think, it doesn't matter what other people think.
  • Every day, when you get up, brush your teeth, look in the mirror, etc thoughts are playing inside your head that will become what you believe about yourself. Make sure your thoughts about yourself are good ones - things you want to believe.

A few affirmations I'm already starting to use
  • I love my life.
  • Only good lies before me.
  • I am greeted with love wherever I go.
  • The sky is the limit.
  • Becoming a stay-at-home mom will only benefit my career.
I've also started incorporating positive affirmations into Phoenix's life. I'll just say a few in a fun, exciting way with a smile on my face, and have him repeat after me. He always captures the up-beat fun of this exercise :) 
  • I do not hit. I do not kick. I do not bite.
  • When I'm angry, I use my words.
  • I love sharing with my friends.
  • I do what my mommy says.  

Today's Question
How  would you fill in these blanks?  Leave a comment sharing your answers. 
The one thing I wished I had become is ___________. 
The one thing I will become is ___________.

For me, the one thing I wished I had become is a better listener.
The one thing I will become is a person in tune with the essence of life.

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