Attack Of The Phoenixasaurus

Thursday, March 15, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

Playing dress-up and having imaginary friends have become hours of fun for Phoenix lately. From a bumble bee to a fireman to a pirate... he's dressed up as quite a bit lately. The latest addition to Phoenix's toddler costumes is this super-cute, soft-as-can-be raptor costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

He started off as the most well-behaved dinosaur you've ever seen...

 But was soon wreaking havoc all over his bedroom.

 And... Mommy's leg was the next target for the wrath of the raptor!

 Yup, there's nothing better than playing good old-fashioned dress-up!

 He was workin' it - full on raptor mode!

 And I was loving every minute of it too :)

Do your kids play dress-up? What is their favorite thing to dress up as? Leave a comment :)

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