The Life Of Ariana Jade

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Today, Ariana Jade is 9 months & 10 days old. I feel incredibly blessed to be at home caring for her fulltime. Oh yes, caring for a baby is certainly a full-time job. She's held a lot... and for the first time, I finally realize that it's perfectly normal for a baby to want to be held. Their instincts tell them to be safe, and being held in their mother's arms makes them feel safe. It's as simple as that.

Her World
And, when she's not being held, she is allowed to roam around in her very large "gated community" ;) where she has room to explore her world in a (relatively) safe environment. She spends very little time in those over-priced baby contraptions designed to entertain your baby - partially because I'd rather have her develop in a more natural way, and partially because she doesn't like them.

Super-Baby Accomplishments
Developmentally, she's "cruising" - walking while holding onto furniture. She's also started to call me "Ma-ma" & Ken "Da-da" on occasion. She seems to be an incredibly happy girl who loves social interaction. I have no idea where she is according to those developmental charts, and at the moment, I don't really care. I think parents put WAY too much stock in getting their kids to do things "faster". I believe she is perfectly healthy. I have no intention of working with her on anything specific so I can brag at what age she did x, y, or z. She will develop at her own rate. I won't think any more or less of her if she reaches different milestones as different ages that other children do.

Working On Solid Food 
On other Ariana news, she has been unable to keep any solid food sown for the past 16 days. It started with her getting sick after eating some bananas, and she has since gotten sick twice after eating plain rice cereal and water. I'm not sure if it's a stomach bug or allergies, so I've been waiting a week in between feedings, just to give her body extra time to fight off whatever is bothering her. I even took her to the doctor after last week's violent episode, who confirmed that she was fine. She most likely has a bug that's going around. Oh, and apparently she's too young to have allergies yet - though I don't believe that one bit.

And, no Ariana update would be complete with a few photos... enjoy!

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