Toxic Foundation: Wrinkle-free VS Cancer-Free

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I've had a cancer scare once when I was 21, and want to do everything in my power to keep anything like that from happening to me again. I try to eat healthy. I work hard to cook as much of my food as  possible from scratch. I'm a vegetarian... which makes me less at risk for numerous ailments, including cancer. I educate myself like crazy. I use natural & chemical-free cleaning products as much as possible.

I had never given my beauty products much thought - until recently.
What if the retinol cremes designed to keep as wrinkle free also produce toxic free radicals that can damage DNA and cause gene mutations, a precursor to cancer? Well, I was just doing some research at Environmental Working Group's Skin Database, and found out that they do. 

I'm not writing this post to scare people, but rather to inform. Trust me, if I had known retinol could lead to cancer, it's the last thing I'd be smearing all over my face.  But, it's never too late to change. So, starting today, I'm going to go through ALL of my beauty products, find the ingredients at Skin Database and get rid of everything that has highly-hazardous toxins... because I'm worth it. 

I encourage you to do the same! The beauty industry in the United States is VERY lenient in allowing questionable chemicals to be used in cosmetics. It's not uncommon for a chemical to require special precautions are taken when dealing with the chemical in the workplace, but yet it's freely used in cosmetics, without so much as a warning about it's toxicity.

I'll start by saying that I found - Toxic Level 8 - Retinyl Palmitate - In my Rimmel London Clean Finish Liquid Foundation. What does that mean? Accoding to the Environmental Working Group...
Retinyl palmitate is an ingredient composed of palmitic acid and retinol (Vitamin A). When exposed to UV light, retinol compounds break down and produce toxic free radicals that can damage DNA and cause gene mutations, a precursor to cancer. Recently available data from an FDA study indicate that retinyl palmitate, when applied to the skin in the presence of sunlight, may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions. FDA also raised a concern that extensive, daily skin application of vitamin A creams may build up in the woman’s body a high enough level of Vitamin A that may be toxic to the developing fetus.  -
This is not some rare instance. if you check the ingredients with the database at, you'll find that your makeup drawer is likely completely full of products with numerous harmful chemicals.

Feel free to leave a comment, especially if you find anything toxic in your beauty products. The more info we share, the better-informed other women will be.

PS - Foundation isn't the only toxin we're living with either. Be sure to check out my posts about toxic BPA in Tupperwaretoxic nail polish, as well as the harmful toxins found in hair dye
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