Our Trip to Castaway Bay in Sandusky, Ohio

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One thing on my "To Do" list for this summer was to take the kids to an indoor water-park. We're fortunate to live relatively close to Sandusky, Ohio... my hometown, and the home of about 5 indoor waterparks. I knew going to an indoor water-park was something we could easily do... it was just a matter of actually doing it.

Well, today was that day. Ken, Phoenix, Ariana, and I ventured to Castaway Bay with the Mommy & Me group I'm in. Castaway Bay is a medium-sized indoor waterpark that is great for everyone, but especially those around the toddler age. And, though the water was surprisingly cold, we still had a lot of fun :)

Castaway Bay Sandusky Ohio
Getting used to the waterpark in the toddler pool area of Castaway Bay

Castaway Bay Sandusky Ohio Waterpark

Castaway Bay Sandusky Ohio Waterpark

This was the last pic of the day... and that's no Photoshop effect on Phoenix's lips. 
They were really that blue! My poor little guy!

It was fun taking the family to Sandusky, Ohio to simply be visitors. There really is a lot to do there - and that's something I've noticed a bit more since I've moved away. Sandusky really is the gem of Ohio, and I consider myself very lucky to have grown up there. :)

What fun things are on your "To Do" list for this summer? Leave a comment :)

I received no compensation of any kind for writing this post. I wrote about it because it was a fun, thing we did together as a family. :)
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