Tupperware and BPA

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I've know that BPA is bad for quite a while now. It's nasty, scary, and should be avoided at all costs. But, for the longest time I was left wondering... what about Tupperware? Is it BPA free?

What Is BPA And Why It It Bad?
Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical that mimics the action of the human hormone estrogen, and can leach from plastic into food. Bisphenol A has been found to stimulate prostate cancer cells and causes breast tissue changes in mice that resemble early stages of breast cancer in both mice and humans.One study found an association between ovarian dysfunction and higher levels of BPA in urine.

Early-life exposure to BPA can also cause genetic damage. Researchers found that BPA causes chromosomal errors at low levels of exposure in mice, which can lead to spontaneous miscarriages and birth defects.

Other adverse effects include:
• Early onset of puberty, and stimulation of mammary gland development in females
• Changes in gender-speciļ¬c behavior
• Changes in hormones, including decreased testosterone
• Increased prostate size
• Decreased sperm production
• Altered immune function
• Behavioral effects including hyperactivity, increased aggressiveness, impaired learning and other changes in  behavior
Source: http://myplasticfreelife.com/plastics_guide.pdfg

I'm telling you this because Ken recently sent me an article which reminded me about what is bpa and why is it bad  The first thing I did was search my plastic food storage containers for recycling #7, and get rid of them. In my search, I was surprised to find that none of my Tupperware contained any number on it.

One fellow blogger seems to have done a bit of research in this area, and even has a list up of which Tupperware products are unsafe here:

But... I'm a stickler for getting facts on my own. So, just to be sure, I contacted the lovely folks at Tupperware to find out first-hand which of their products contain BPA. This was their reply:

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for contacting us and we appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. Please be assured at Tupperware Brands we’re firmly committed to the safety and well-being of our consultants and the many consumers of our products worldwide...

...Certain Tupperware products are made from polycarbonate, including serving products and Rock 'N Serve™/Vent 'N Serve™ storage and microwave reheating containers. However, currently in the United States and Canada we do NOT use polycarbonate in any children's products....

Thank you, Lisa, for your email.

Tupperware Customer Care

Here's a screenshot of the full email for reference. Click to see full-size.


Is Tupperware BPA Free

So... is Tupperware BPA free? The answer is a resounding no. I got my answer, but I didn't want to stop there. So, to help my readers, I've put together this photo-list to help you rid your home of the Rock N Serve & Vent & Serve that Tupperware willingly admits they use BPA in. And, keep in mind that the colors might not be the same as these photos. But, if you have ANYTHING that looks like these containers, according to Tupperware, they contain BPA.

I also found this on their website regarding BPA:

Tupperware follows the recommendations and guidelines of governmental regulatory agencies regarding materials that may be used in our high quality products. The Company also acknowledges the attitudes of consumers regarding products containing BPA. In its continuous search for the best materials for use in its products, Tupperware has found other materials with improved performance characteristics that have been approved by regulators to be BPA free to replace polycarbonate. As of March 2010, items sold by Tupperware US & CA are BPA free.

But... what about products that are older? My cupboards are filled with the stuff. :( And, there's not a single recycling number on any of it. One thing I've learned is that if somebody is hiding something, it's because they've got something to hide. So, if it doesn't have a recycling number on it... just throw it away to be sure. Your health isn't worth the risk.

I'm looking forward to cleaning my house of all non-marked plastics, and I hope you will join me! I'll be sure to share my favorite alternatives food storage discoveries with you. Who knows, I might even have an awesome giveaway in the works. ;)

I'd love to know what you think about this post. Leave a comment letting me know.  

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