Happy 1st Birthday Ariana!

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It's hard to believe how fast the past 12 months have really flown by. My life has been forever changed on June 26, 2011, when I gave birth to Ariana Jade in a 2-hour whirlwind of excitement. I'll never forget how the two most important people in my life, my husband and son were able to share in the joy of her birth too.

I've become more in tune with Ariana than I ever have with another person before. I've been able to pick up up subtleties of her actions that I wasn't able to connect with when I had Phoenix, like the way she'll angle her legs toward me when I put her down to tell me that she still needs me to hold her... for my touch to comfort her.

Holding Ariana at 3 weeks old

I'm having a blast getting to know this unique, little person. A subtle wiggle when she's in the sling tells me that she's getting hungry. It's always interesting to see the reactions of people when I explain that I need to go because Ariana's getting fussy, when she does no more than wiggle. She won't cry. She won't make a sound. But I know what she needs... so she knows there's no reason to cry. 

Next time you see Phoenix, ask him what sound a baby makes. He'll erupt into a fit of giggles. :) His sister is a happy baby. I see it every day. People remind me wherever we go, and I'm proud to be her mom. 

In fact, the other day, I heard a baby crying, and I overheard somebody ask my husband, "Remember those days?" He simply replied, "No... it's been three years." and, he's right. During any given 24-hour period, Ariana might cry for 10-15 minutes tops. And, I'll tell you what, there's no better feeling than a happy baby... a truly happy baby.

And... there is SO much more to her than that. She loves banging on tables and making music. She's also a dancer. Anytime she hears music, Ariana can't help but start to groove! It's a wonderful thing to watch.

She also loves to go pee on the potty! Ariana will usually go pee on the potty about 1-2 times a day. Again, it was just a matter of tuning into her needs. 

Ariana likes to feed herself, and prefers to pass on the baby purees, and would much rather feed herself peas & pffs. I'm excited to introduce more solid veggies into her diet. I think we're going to go with carrots next. 

She says mama, dada, and bye bye. She waves and claps her hands. She's also walking... full-on walking. She had been taking steps here and there, but really wanted to show off on her birthday, and just started walking like a pro! As one of my mommy friends put it, "It's like she went right from her sling to walking." Indeed, she did. :) 

I've been so fortunate to be blessed with such a wonderful baby girl. I'm looking forward to sharing a lifetime of love with her. Happy 1st Birthday, Ariana!

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