Oprah's Favorite Things: 2014 Gift Guide (Lisa's Picks)

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I always loved the shows on Oprah where she would feature "Oprah's Favorite Things". But now that the show is over, what can fills this void? Well, I'm certainly no Oprah, but I decided to list a few of my own "Favorite Things".

EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) Lip Balm
I have always been a Lip Smacker &Chapstick girl, but EOS Lip Balm quickly put an end to that. Their lip balm is not only smooth & moisturizing, but it's Certified USDA organic. It's also petrolatum-free, paraben-free, and  full of the most aromatic oils you've ever smelledIf you're used to regular chapstick, you've gotta give this a try. You have no idea what you're missing!

A Nice Purse
A few years back, I got a nice Kate Spade bag... and LOVE it! It's the nicest purse I have ever owned, and worth every penny. If you're able to, there's nothing like the feeling of having a nice purse. They stay in perfect condition for what seems to be forever! They don't have my exact bag available, but they do have plenty of other ones that look great.

Lancome's Le Crayon Khol Eyeliner Pencil 
Ladies, toss away that cheap eyeliner. (And that lighter you use to soften it, but never really works.) Did you know that some eyeliner glides on smoothly? Yup, once I found Lancome's Le Crayon Khol Eyeliner Pencil - Black Lapis/Black Noir, my makeup world changed. It's formulated so that the warmth from your skin literall allows it to melt effortlessly and perfectly onto your skin. The Black Lapis/Black noir color has a very slight dark blue tint to it. It looks black going on, but when I take it off, I always notice the ever-so-slight blue-ish tint. 

Dark Chocolate
I used to hate dark chocolate. But it knew it was packed with tons of good-for-you flavoniods. So, little by little, I started eating more dark chocolate and less milk cocoate, and you know what? Now I LOVE dark chocolate!

What's your favorite thing? Leave a comment letting me know :)

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