Remove A Splinter Without Tweezers!

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6-1-16 - With summer break officially here, I thought it'd be a perfect time to re-share this awesome tip!

The other day, my son got a huge splinter in his foot. I tried to remove it with tweezers, but he was much too squirmy. There  was also no indication of where it entered the foot, so our best bet would have just been to break the skin. I didn't want to cause my poor boy any more trauma, so, I searched for another way to remove, and discovered this little jem!

  1. Get a small piece of bread. I used store-bought whole wheat bread, but any kind of bread should work. 
  2. Put the bread on a band-aid, and tape it on the splinter. 
  3. Let it set there overnight. (I put socks on Phoenix to help hold it in place.)
  4. In the morning, take off the band-aid, and you'll find the splinter on the piece of bread!
I know, it sounds completely crazy, but I was willing to give it a try... and you know what? It worked!!!

I'm not sure how or why, but the splinter was somehow drawn to the bread. When we took off the band-aid, it did take off the a tiny bit of the surface skin above the bread, but my son didn't seem to mind.

We'll never use tweezers to remove splinters again :)

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