So... Does This Mean She's Potty Trained?

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Six weeks ago, I noticed that Ariana would get fussy at night. On two occasions, I decided to change her diaper, and both times, I got peed on. And, that second time, a huge light-bulb went off in my head. She wasn't getting fussy. She was letting me know she had to go pee.

So, I moved the little potty into her room, and would set her on it when I would change her diaper or when she woke up from a nap.

Well, ya know what? She peed.

Little 9½-month-old Ariana would pee.

I was thrilled and surprised... and yet not surprised at the same time. I'd previously read about Elimination Communication, in which parents read their baby's body language to find out when they have to pee. When they need to go, you just sit them on a potty. This is a VERY natural, instinctive thing for a baby to do. If you have a baby, start trying it, and you'll see. They just seem to instinctively know to go pee when they're placed on a potty. It's almost like babies come potty-trained. It's the parents who actually diaper-train the babies. And, those diaper-trained babies turn into diaper-trained toddlers, who love to battle with potty training.

I'm glad that Ariana has been introduced to the potty at such a young age, and I hope she continues to use it. Sure, cloth diapers are cute and all, but I'd LOVE to not have to worry about washing, & folding/stuffing them every 2-3 days.

Oh, and I have yet to learn to "read her signals" to really know when she has to pee. I simply set Ariana on he potty, and if she needs to go, she'll go within about 1 minute. If she doesn't have to go, she'll just try to get right off of the potty. In general, about half of the time I set her on the potty, she goes. Her best day so far was when she went 4 times in a single day!

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