Growing Out A Pixie Cut - 7 Months Later!

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Seven months ago, I cut my hair into an adorable pixie cut. I've been growing it out, and about seven months after my original pixie cut, I finally decided it was time for me to take a big step, and get it cut again. First, let me say that I had no split ends, thanks to my dirty little secret for amazing hair.

I got my hair cut for pure aesthetic reasons. I wore it as messy & funky as I could, but it was getting a bit too out of control... a bit to raggedy. It just looked messy and sloppy. Here are some pics of what may hair looked like after I had been growing out my pixie cut for 7 months. I didn't style it... I just let it dry naturally so you could get an accurate idea of how it looked.

growing out a pixie cut

growing out pixie cut

My husband swears it looked nothing like a mullet. I, however, was pretty much embarrassed to leave the house!

how to grow out a pixie cut

My hair didn't look shaggy and trendy... it looked shaggy and unkempt. So, I decided that enough was enough. There was no way I'd be able to keep my pixie cut forever without touching up the style a bit, so that's exactly what I did.  

There comes a point in time when you're growing out your hair that you really have to evaluate if your current style will look nice once it gets longer. If you're interested in growing out your hair, try to keep it as long as you can, while still finding a nice style that will look good as it grows out too. 

Remember, by going with the "no poo" method, your hair will be super-healthy. You won't get split ends, and will likely be able to go 6-7 months until your next hair cut.   

Ok - so here are some after shots of my hair. I really like it, and am hoping to grow out my new style as long as possible. And yes... I know my roots are a different color then the rest of my hair... my temporary soft black hair color seems like it wants to stick around for way longer than 28 shampoos! (But that's another blog post!) 

growing out a pixie

Also, be sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo when you wash your hair. It will keep your color stronger AND your hair healthier!

Do you have any tips for growing out your hair? Leave a comment below. :)

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